five essentials

The constant struggle of putting together a wardrobe is the quality of clothes versus the prices we have to pay for the clothes. When I look at my wardrobe finding the staples of menswear was very evident because I am always wearing the same pieces. There are only five main clothing items you need to complete your stylish wardrobe. In this post, I will describe the five items that are necessary. These are the essentials of men’s clothing.

1 White T-Shirt


The white t-shirt is a staple to every man’s closet or if it is not it should be. It is a flexible top that can be worn under other items or when the seasons warm up it can be worn by itself on top. Here on a nice warm day I have paired the shirt with a  pair of aviators.

Get yours HERE.

2 Aviators4

They never go out of style. Let me just say this to start. Your grandpa probably wore aviators and you can should still wear aviators. They are simple and they just look good. I recommend picking up a pair ASAP.

Get yours HERE.

3 Quarter Zip Pullover


The quarter zip pullover is my personal favorite piece of clothing I own. Whether I am going for brunch or going on a date I feel good wearing it anywhere.  Not only is it versatile, it is very comfortable something every piece of clothing you wear should be. This item could be layered with a white t-shirt or a button down.

Get yours HERE.

4 White Shoes


I like to throw on a pair of white shoes wherever I go. They can go with a suit or with street clothes and are very fashionable while doing so. Everyone has them and you should too.

Get yours HERE.

5 Short Athletic Shorts

My short athletic shorts are both practical and stylish. I try not to wear athletic clothes every day but these shorts are just too comfortable, I end up wearing them too much. Although you can not get away with wearing them everywhere, you can wear them most places.


Get yours HERE.

Update your wardrobe with these new items today! Please comment below with your favorite item!


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  1. cruzmpeople says:

    well written and thanks for the info


  2. SharperDog says:

    Always good to know the basics, thanks for the info.

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