The watch is both a practical and stylish accessory. It has matured from a device kept in the pocket of one’s jacket to be worn on the wrist. In the now very complicated world of watches, it is hard to determine who is the best manufacturer and the best style for you. I have found my fit in sleek a Movado, a Kenneth Cole and a Bulova. This is what works for me but might not work for everyone so keep that in mind while reading.img_7769

Show above is my go to watch it is a Kenneth Cole Barrel Link Watch it is a price responsible and classy choice for a go to watch. I feel comfortable wearing this watch with both a suit and my street style. Most men prefer a bulky sports watch (shown below) over a sleek casual watch as shown but not me, I make the semi-casual look work for me.

img_7745This is a sport watch it is meant for everyday use and even into the night. The Bulova Marine Star can impress co-workers and that girl on the date with it. Although it looks professional, I do not prefer the bold design of it over a sleek one but it is good looking and comfortable for some men so you might try it out.


The last watch I am going to discuss is a Movado Museum Classic. Like the Kenneth Cole, it boasts a sleek design. But, unlike the other watches it is on the pricier side. Also, this timepiece is  strictly a dress watch that can only be worn on special occasions and cannot tolerate even the slightest bit of water. It is my favorite watch I own it has gold and silver elements combined with a finished linked band and of course the signature dot at 12 o’clock. I highly suggest picking one up.

Remember watch taste is different for every man. I am passing on some advice I have learned from my father… he (and I) suggest trying on a watch before purchasing it for you don’t know the fit or look on yourself.

Don’t see your favorite watch above? Comment below your favorite watch brand below.


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