southern style

This week I found myself in the South. In the south the style is different then anywhere else in the United States. It is dominated by College culture and has a designation known as “prep.” I decided to experience this culture by venturing into a local store. What I found was intriguing.

The first store I went into was titled Menswear, as expected we found mens clothing. I looked around and found brands such as Southern Tide, Columbia and Tommy Bahama. img_4117img_4116 I combed through the clothing and found three pieces I liked and tried them on but deemed them to be to “old guy” for me. I came out of the dressing room with one question, where was the brand Vineyard Vines? They are know as a staple in Southern Style and the only brand that seemed to be missing from this store that seemed to have everything. We asked the kind associate about it and she explained to us then the store was one of three owed by the buyer and he just moved the Vineyard Vines collection into an adjacent more touristy store. I decided to venture down to the store. img_4122The store had more of the same style of clothing but different brand. I looked around a bit but there was one item that took my attention. A pair of pink Vineyard Vines shorts. I thought these would bring my collection to the next level so I took them along with a blue Vineyard Vines   polo into the dressing room for a second time today.  I emerged with my newest pair of shorts. They are slim cut and hang right below the knee and are made of a soft cotton. Conclusion, they are very comfortable.

In the end, I learned and have been learning a lot about how people dress while in the south while living down here for the past week. The flashy, tight fitting style has grown on me when I have been down here. I think I will be venturing out in the future to try and dress more “preppy.”

Do you like southern style?



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