travel wear

Airport style is something every millennial has to master for travel is becoming ever more accessible and common. It is easy to do right and also easy to do wrong. I have compiled some tips on how you, as a modern millennial, can travel with ease while looking your best.

Dress Up, Not Down

A common mistake made by a lot of people on the plane is that they are very dressed down. Even though you can look good when wearing sweats or comfy clothes, its not the same as wearing a collared shirt and pants. My suggestion is investing in a nice looking classic Nautica polo for the occasion; maybe even tuck it in.unnamed

Always Trousers

Never ever, ever wear shorts on an airplane. There are so many reasons not to do so. The first is airplanes are usually cold cabins of planes is not suitable to shorts. The second is the amount of dirt, grime and germs that can be found in a airplane. It is suggested by many professionals that it is one of the dirtiest places one can encounter. A pair of Levis will do you the trick.unnamed-3

Comfortable Headphones

On any flight in the age of technology that we are currently are in it seems mandatory to bring a pair of headphones on the plane. But, I would personally take this notion a step further and suggest stylish, high quality over the ear Bower and  Wilkins headphones.unnamed-2

Layer Up

Touching back up on the fact that an airplane cabin is chilly. I always have a jacket close by when on the plane. If you are traveling for work or are bringing a suit with you this would probably your suit jacket and possibly an overcoat if necessary. But, since a lot of us are not doing so this is a Patagonia jacket for me.unnamed-1

Pack Lightly

I try to pack everything into a duffel bag when traveling nowadays because of the skyrocketing check bag fees. It also looks  good and simple to travel light. I tend to rely maybe a little too much on a Patagonia duffel bag.unnamed-4

What if your favorite accessory to travel with?




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