cleaning your shoes

Following up last week’s post, this week I will be discussing the topic of cleaning your beloved kicks. Every time you buy pair shoes nowadays you are almost guaranteed to be sold products to either protect or clean your shoes. A number of which I have found to be scams. Instead, I opt for the trusted Jason Markk shoe cleaning kit. It includes a brush and the special cleaning formula. I choose this over shoe protectants because shoe protectants do not guarantee the shoe’s inevitable stains will not ever happen and they tend to only protect against water-based stains. Also, it works on a large variety of footwear; the company claims it should be used on everything from suede to leather and cotton. Enough about why you should use this awesome kit onto how to use it. Here are the steps I use to keep my kicks looking brand new.

  1. Clear a workspace and place a towel down and have another towel handy for wiping down the shoes.
  2. Unlace your shoes and set the laces aside for later use.
  3. Fill a small bowl with water and add 5 drops of the premium shoe cleaner.
  4. Take the brush and dip in the bowl of water and cleaner. Wipe excess water into the bowl and begin scrubbing around the base of the shoes creating a foam. Work your way up the shoes and end with the tongue.
  5. Wipe shoe off with a towel and set aside to dry. Depending the type of material the shoe is made out of it may take up to twelve hours for the shoe to dry (DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER this is very bad for your shoes and can shrink them)
  6. Repeat steps four and five for the other shoe.
  7. Add approximately five drops of water to the bowl of water and cleaner and water if needed.
  8. Soak laces in the bowl for approximately ten to fifteen minutes.
  9. Scrub the dirty areas of the laces.
  10. Allow laces to dry for approximately six hours.
  11. Lace shoes.
  12. Wait about two hours to wear shoes.
  13. Enjoy your clean shoes!

How do you keep your shoes clean? Share in the comments below!




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