A Night Out on the Town

This week I have decided to branch out form the normal category of clothing into another one of my favorite topics, food. As a modern millennial it is important to know how to eat good food and what good food is. I do tend to eat healthy but I will sometimes let myself binge on some fantastic Italian food at my favorite restaurant in Santa Barbara, Calif., Olio E Limone Pizzeria. If you have not been I highly suggest attending. I am going to describe my experience at the restaurant with my family the other night.IMG_9159

I put on my Striped Oxford shirt tucked it into a pair of Pink vineyard vines shorts, some brown loafers with a matching belt and a Navy sport coat to top the look off. We hopped in the car then it was off to the restaurant. We sat down and received our waters and started off with some amazing pizza bread. It was nicely paired with their signature spicy olive oil. Next was the second course of the dinner appetizers of bruschetta on bread which I again occasionally dipped in the olive oil. The olives were a variety of different olives from green to black all very flavorful and tasty. The third corse we all ordered a different salad. I ordered the Caesar salad, my personal favorite. The anchovies in the dressing was the perfect kick to a normal salad. Finally it was to the main course where I ordered a pasta with Italian sausage and a cream sauce. It was a great Italian dinner with everything made perfectly. The right flavors were tasted in every dish and to the right extent. To end off the night we made our way across the street to gelato n’ more. Our family’s personal favorite gelato place in Santa Barbara. The tiramisu gelato had the right kick to end the night with.

FullSizeRenderAll in all this was just another great night out with family at our favorite Italian restaurant in town. Again, I highly suggest you try this place out if you have not. I personally guarantee it will be a new favorite. What is your favorite restaurant?



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