The sun is hotter and the days are longer. Here, in California, it almost feels like summertime. This means it is time to take off your hot and sweaty pants and opt for some cooler shorts. It wasn’t common practice for men of all ages to be wearing shorts a hundred years ago but now it is socially acceptable for men to wear shorts without looking childish. This means you should get yourself a pair. When looking for shorts there are two main types of shorts worn today: athletic shorts which are more casual and dress shorts which are more proper. Here are my three favorite shorts which give you both casual, dress and semi-casual options.

Surge Short 7″

Personally these are my favorite shorts and I would wear them everyday, but they do not work for every setting. They are made out of lightweight luon fabric which almost feels like you are wearing nothing. The 7″ seam is not too long or too short it allows you to show a little more thigh than usual without looking silly. They are designed for running so pockets are limited which is a setback but once you try on these shorts that will not matter.

Commission Short

The commission shorts are two steps up from the Surge Shorts. They are the dressiest of the three. Once again, they are made out of comfortable fabric but a little bit thicker so they are more acceptable among the workplace or when you need to dress up. Yes, they do look like any other short but their comfort is what sets them apart. They are cut perfectly and are made with the upmost care.

Pace Breaker Short

Another comfortable athletic short but a little longer this time. It has two pockets and one zip up pocket. The idea of this short is one can be athletic just before slipping on a polo to look nicer and head where ever they need to be. All around great short the first pair of athletic shorts I had bought and had really liked. They come highly recommended.

Now I have told you my favorite shorts, what are yours?



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