I first mentioned sunglasses in the first edition of my blog but I believe it is time to revisit them. They have become more popular in the last month or so because the clouds are giving way to sun. Now, celeberties such as the Migos trio are shaded in exquisite sunglasses. If you are like any other man you might need some help identifying what to wear and what not to wear. There are two styles of sunglasses I am going to feature and recommend in this issue: Round frame sunglasses and aviator sunglasses.

The Raen Parkhurst Round Frame Sunglasses

IMG_8119img_8125.jpgIMG_8126Round frame sunglasses have become an iconic look for men and women alike. These sunglasses are American made and feature great craftsmanship for a great price. I enjoy just flipping these pair out when I am going around town or need something quick to put on. However, they are not limited to casual outfits they can be worn to your fancy suit and tie events. Wearing them with a suit gives a modern feel. No one will notice that they are not the top names in sunglasses. In summary, although, not the nicest sunglasses I have ever worn, they are polarized and get the job done for my needs and I know they will for yours as well.

Gucci AviatorsIMG_8120IMG_8122IMG_8124

The Gucci aviators are my favorite sunglasses that I own. They are beautifully crafted and well thought out. My favorite part is the highly scratch resistant lenses that are used in every pair of Gucci sunglasses. All this does come with a cost, you will have to be willing to fork over close to four hundred dollars for these glasses. I highly recommend doing so because you will want to wear them everyday. They can be worn with almost anything but look very sharp with a collared shirt. You will not be disappointed when you purchase these glasses.

If you do not already have a pair of sunglasses or are looking to upgrade your collection, now is the time to do so. Now that I have shared some of my favorite sunglasses what are yours?



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