The beach is a common summertime activity. In Santa Barbara, there are many beaches that one can go to but none are like Butterfly. Butterfly beach combines class with the simplicity that nowhere else in the world can replicate. The only downside is the ban on alcohol that is strictly enforced by police in the area. But other than that it is a great beach for all ages. Often you will see some celebrities down at the beach or in the area. But you are guaranteed to see some nice cars outside the Coral Casino and Biltmore A day at the beach here may look like venturing to the Biltmore hotel for a brunch heading down to the beach for the afternoon and finishing the day with a splash in the pool at the Coral Casino then drinks and dinner at the wonderful restaurant offering the best of Nick Barainca’s culinary skills.


Since this is a blog about the style I am going to make suggestions about equipment that you should wear to the beach. When thinking about what to wear I always refer to Chubbies they produce short and stylish shorts that will never let you down. This paired with a long or preferably short sleeve henley and some classic shades is a timeless look. To move on to the beach a speaker, towel and games are all necessary materials for making your day. Ralph Lauren produces great, soft and durable towels that are perfect for the beach. I ALWAYS rely on my UE boom. It is the best speaker on the market. I am one who always has problems with electronics and I have had this speaker for about a year now and have never had problems. It is waterproof, soundproof and very durable. Finally, I was recently introduced to a relatively new game, SpikeBall. It is like a version of volleyball. The game is very interactive, requires some athletic skills and if you have friends like mine, highly competitive. This is a perfect game for a day at the beach.


Now that I have shared some of my favorite beach activities, suggestions, and beaches, what are yours?



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