It’s that time of year now. Schools are letting out. Weather you are participating in graduation or attending the event you need to be prepared for it with your clothing. I have picked out an outfit that you can wear weather you are doing either of these activities. It includes everything you may need for a graduation. 


These accessories are classy and go together. The gold cufflinks go together with the gold in the watch. These are subtle touches that really stand out at the right moments. The sunglasses are nice and classy. They provide an expensive look but not flashy. If you only look close you would find the Gucci logo. 


The french cuffs is a timeless feature that always should be worn because it helps you stand out and not in a bad way. The poplin collar can be worn with or without a tie. I prefer it in this instance to be worn without a tie and in turn no collar stays. It is more advanced than the normal style worn in America. 

Sport Coat

A navy sport coat is a preppy and classy option when paired with a nice pair of khakis. This one is a classic cut. But like all nice pieces of clothing this requires tailoring. I like my suits as tight as can be with still looking good. But, this comes at a cost. With being a teenager this means purchasing a suit or jacket every year.



When one dresses up you cannot go wrong with khakis. They have always been worn as a more casual pant as opposed to a full suit. These aren’t the khakis that old people wear theses are a new style made by Lululemon. They feature more of a modern skinny fit with no pleates. 

With this outfit you can combine both a more casual and fancy looks to create some thing that can work in between. If you are graduation high school or college there is only one graduation you will have in your life so now is the time to make your mark. What are you wearing to your graduation?



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