suit care

You could own the most expensive and nicest dress shirt paired with the perfect suit and tie in the world but this would not mean anything without the proper care taken to all the garments before wearing them. All nice clothes and clothes, in general, need to be taken care of properly. This both makes them look nice and preserves the longevity of the clothes. Both of which is necessary to save money and feel good about yourself. Below are how to do so for every garment you own.

Dress Shirt


Shirts are delicate pieces of clothing and they wrinkle easily. Therefore, they need to be taken care of every time after they are worn. I prefer to get my shirts dry cleaned. Here I opt for the starch treatment which leaves the collar and cuffs stiff as well as gets the wrinkles out of the shirt. To me, the shirt only feels clean when this is present.

Suit Jacket

Suit jackets should rarely be dry cleaned. This takes away from the custom shape of the jacket. Therefore, the jacket shall always be taken off when sitting down or not being used to look presentable. Then, it shall be placed on a hanger or if one is not present folded and laid down.



Suit Pants

Suit pants should always be ironed nicely and hung up according to their folds when not worn. This keeps the plants looking nice and keeps the wrinkles out of them.


In all technicality, ties are supposed to be rolled and placed in a drawer. I do not do this because I do not have the room or time to do so. Instead, I hang them up on a hanger in my closet.




There is no particular way belts shall be taken care of but I prefer to hang them up rather than rolling them in a drawer in order to keep them from kinking. Occasionally, the leather cleaner may need to be applied to keep the finish.


Ceder shoe trees shall be placed in shoes when they are done being worn. This makes them smell nice while keeping their shape. If they are not being worn for a long length of time dust bags should be placed over the shoes.

How do you clean your suit?



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