It is no secret men have hair and skin but too often this fact gets neglected. Men often let their hair grow out too long and don’t keep it up and leave their skin dry or with blemishes on it. This, however, does not have to happen. With a few easy steps, this can change. Here are my favorite grooming treatments.

Harry’s Shave KitIMG_9792.JPG

Harry’s shave kit is the best out of all the shave clubs. I am speaking from personal experience. I have been a member of multiple shave clubs and with no doubt, I believe it is the best. Other shave clubs do not provide shave cream let alone high-quality shave cream. Also, the blade cuts as close to the skin as any of the brand name razors, something that is not matched by Dollar Shave Club. The shave feels nice afterward with shiny and clean skin.



The Banana Boat After Sun Lotion is the best lotion on the market. It does not leave a residue as most of the other brands do. It provides moisture with just the right amount of it. Most men get ashamed if they have to use lotion but this is not the case with this lotion. You will feel the effects and notice them but the effects will not be seen or smelled.

Tea Tree Shampoo



Tea tree shampoo smells good and leaves a smooth feel to the hair. No other shampoo that I have used leaves the same effect. It washes out gel without a problem.

Speed Stick Deodorant


This is deodorant on the market. It is subtle but noticeable. The smell is a sporty smell which is not a bad smell for any gentleman.

Matte Wax


Wax is different than gel. It is not shiny and stiff. It is smooth but still does the job and holds the hair in place. Most gels you have to take a shower or bath before you go to bed to wash the gel out but not with this it is comfortable while being left in the hair while sleeping.

What is your favorite grooming product?




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