In recent years Crazy, Crew socks have been popularized a made a mass market. They once simple accessories worn under your shoes to protect your feet has become much more. Many companies have been making these types of socks to fit the consumer trend. I believe only one company has been behind the trend since it started. They make the best quality socks along with the coolest designs on the market. The socks made by this company can be worn on Wall Street under a suit or to the beach with friends. In other words, they are versatile. This is important when making clothes for the Millennial generation for we only have so much money to spend so we need to make the most out of it. The brand is Stance. Although they are my go to sometimes, I do not always wear them. In this post, I am going to share some of my favorite socks and why.


I only wear crew socks with trousers.

The Fourth Socks


These socks feature the timeless and always appropriate American flag on the socks. The fourth are some my favorite socks and worn always a couple if not more times a week. They make a subtle patriotic statement without going overboard.

Icon Pink Socks


These socks are just pink, there is no other way to put it. They make a statement, they are bold, they are cool. I like wearing these when putting on a dressier look. They allow for class but also show a wild side.

Invisible Socks

I do not like to wear Crew socks when wearing shorts. They do not look clean to me and invisible socks provide a preppier look in my opinion.

Nike No Show Socks


You cannot go wrong with simple when dressing. That’s what Nike No Show socks are. You cannot see them with most shoes which allow for a natural look with still being able to protect your feet with socks. There is also a new trend of rolling up trousers. These can also work with this trend.

What are your favorite socks?





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